Diagnostics, Service, Repair


Diagnostics, Service, Repair

We service, diagnose, and repair industrial automation and industrial computers in assembly lines, inspection-measurement devices, and control equipment.

  • Devices for assembly and assembly lines
  • Inspection-measurement devices
  • Measuring equipment, sensors, transducers, meters, indicators, and others
  • Actuators: e.g. valves, motors, drives
  • Control devices: controllers, computers, operator panels
  • Communication systems: industrial networks, radio-modem, etc., Industrial Automation Service

Industrial Automation Service

We will diagnose, repair, and service Industrial Automation in your machine, production line.


For many years, we have been servicing industrial computers and industrial automation in machines and production lines such as Lisec, Bystronic, Helga, in glass, upholstery, bakery machines, and many others.

Industrial electronics and automation operate in an extremely hostile production hall environment. The pollutants, vibrations, and electrical surges degrade individual computer systems of industrial computers and automation. This causes them to malfunction, resulting in downtime and even failures of entire technological lines.

Failures and disruptions in production processes are associated with high costs and can slow down the competitiveness of the company. Our many years of experience in the industry allow us to quickly diagnose cases of machine and production line failures. Regular inspections and maintenance will eliminate personnel and production downtime costs. Industrial automation must be nurtured and serviced to ensure smooth operation. We are happy to help in this area and also offer assistance in difficult situations. When commissioning external service services, we offer various forms, individually tailored to your needs and requirements – from individual orders to long-term service support.

We carry out industrial automation repairs, inspections, and maintenance at a convenient time for you (e.g., at night, on weekends, during vacation downtime). We have many years of experience and all the necessary qualifications to perform the above-mentioned work.

We provide a warranty for all our services and issue VAT invoices.